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Contact ModelsUpClose by email to muc.modelhouse (at)

ModelsUpClose produce and distribute creative entertainment video shows and still imagery on popular culture themes, suitable for general exhibition viewing.   We are always contracting models and video photographers from all over the world, working from where you are located now. 

ModelsUpClose is a brand of Social Impact and today is a global network of independent commercial photographers, producing popular culture shows for public viewing on the Internet, from the everyday life documentary style shows to the creative video art.

Contact us now by email to discuss your contribution to our show.  ModelsUpClose hire contract and remote working video photographers, models, actors, dancers to be a part of these long running successful shows.  You are welcome to discuss joining our network as a photographer or a model or supplying your music, we are always hiring.

ModelsUpClose is a pioneer of light entertainment video shows featuring a parade of pretty women since 1997 and today is a network of websites with collections of light entertainment music/model video shows, and (where we started) one of the longest running popular culture documentary shows on Women Smoking Culture at  and "Model House Show" crafted from our B2B commercial stock scenes.

In the past twelve months over six million viewers have enjoyed our shows (in total across our websites and shared across social media channels) but we rely on the people who go the extra step and buy and download their favorite shows from our websites for funding.   

Copyright is reserved on all our images, music and web pages. Musical accompaniment is for the personal enjoyment of the viewer and is the copyright of the producer. Separate permission from the copyright owner is required for further use and/or public performance of the music. 

We are providing content for your sole private viewing only and on condition that you keep it safe and do not distribute it to others. Sharing our content and allowing others to use your access details may seriously damage our business and we will hold you liable for any costs and damages resulting from your actions. 

Read extended information by following this link (click here) at our combined video store.